When thinking about online teaching, what comes to mind is probably explaining Physics or Math to uninterested students who just want to pass their exams. That’s far from the truth!

Almost any subject you can think of, you can study or teach online, in an engaging way. Just to help you wrap your head around it, here are just some of the topics you could teach or learn more about:

  • writing 
  • nursing 
  • data analysis 
  • history test preparation 
  • language 

A variety of different options could make you wonder why there are so many in the first place! And the answer is - it’s pretty simple to start; all you need is a laptop or a PC with a webcam and internet connection. The rest is pure one-on-one knowledge sharing!

Who Is an Online Tutor?

An online tutor is anyone willing to help others in their educational quests. You can be a high school teacher, a specialist in your field, or a hobby-enthusiast. You may wonder, “Are there online tutoring jobs for college students?” And the answer is - yes!

Online teaching as a college student can be an amazing opportunity to earn a solid income. You can choose whether to teach subjects you mastered in high school or tackle the more recent ones. There’s no doubt your knowledge and skills will help others - and maybe inspire them to start teaching what they’re passionate about, too! And they can do it, too become a freelance writer.

How Do I Get an Online Tutoring Job?

Becoming an online tutor may seem difficult at first, but it’s really far from that! There are a few steps to take when venturing into the yet unknown world of e-teaching:  

  1. Decide what topic you’d like to tutor others about
  2. Get clear on your audience - Who’ll benefit from your lessons?
  3. Make yourself visible - develop an online presence on a tutoring site 
  4. Introduce yourself to potential students
  5. Start teaching!

It may seem overwhelming, but taking these steps will ensure you get the best online tutoring jobs that will put the right price on your skills. But how much can you make?

How Much Can You Earn From Online Tutoring?

The demand for online tutors has grown dramatically in the last few years! If you’re still a bit unsure about starting to teach, here is one more big reason to gently push you into the exciting tutoring world.

Beginner tutors earn around $30 an hour, but you can earn far more depending on the subject you teach. Calculus and other advanced Math lessons aren’t paid below $40-60 per hour, and some of the best paying tutoring jobs pay even more than that. Teaching what you love and getting paid a lot of money for it sounds like a win-win scenario!

Must-Haves Before You Start Tutoring Online

This may not seem like the answer you were expecting, but there are no set requirements to become an online tutor! Some sites ask for a high school diploma or other specific degrees - but they’re completely not necessary for most jobs!

Prior experience is also not required in many cases, and neither are teaching licenses nor similar certifications. If you have them, that’s great; but if you don’t, it won’t really matter much. One thing is sure, to get the best online tutoring jobs, start simple and continually make your way up to the top. In other words, deliberately climb up that tutoring ladder until you have some certifications and licenses to show off! Until then, work hard and thrive!

Companies That Hire Online Tutors



Studyfy is an amazing site and offers tutoring jobs online - and much more! It’s a place to venture to when you feel overwhelmed by college work. Upon visiting, you’d be greeted by kind professionals in almost any field and subject you desire! 

From homework help to proofreading and study guides, they really have it all in many subjects, including Math, Science, Engineering, Humanities, and more. You can choose your own tutor who’ll offer 24/7 professional help at affordable prices.

PrepNow Tutoring

PrepNow offers professional online tutoring for students in the US, but don’t worry, it’s one of the many online teaching jobs for non-native speakers! The most common lesson types are Math, SAT, and ACT offered by high-achieving professionals. 

If you are interested in applying for an online PrepNow tutoring position, you can do so by clicking here. The range of tutors is pretty broad - some of the latest positions they’ve posted are for Math, Science, Spanish and French Tutors. The work is flexible- you can choose your own workdays, available dates, and the type of students you’re willing to teach!


TutorMe is one of the best options for students today. You can get help with Humanities and Social Sciences, Math and Science, Computer Science and Engineering, and more. Over 300 subjects in total in all grade levels, to be exact!

If you’re looking to become a tutor for them, check out these TutorMe online tutoring jobs! They offer flexible schedules, advanced lesson space, and a professional platform to connect students and teachers in an exciting learning adventure. About the length of the lesson, it’s completely flexible, too - from just a few minutes to clear up some confusion to hours-long classes!


Pearson is a tutoring service perfect for those with a degree and teaching experience - and willing to take up a challenge! They require you to be available at least two hours a week; the more flexible you are,  the more work you’ll get!

Here are some of their latest job listings if you’re interested in working with them. Before you do, here’s some additional info that’ll help you decide:

  • You’ll get paid around £400 for a block of 15 one-hour tutoring lessons
  • You’ll have to go through the (paid) training
  • The recruitment process can take between 2 and 7 weeks

Crimson Education

Crimson Education connects tutors and students in an exciting learning environment. It provides ways to work with different coaches and mentors, providing one of the best educational opportunities!

Here is a link to their job posting. You can find different types of tutors on their site - SAT/ACT tutors, AP & IB tutors, and Bespoke Curriculum, tutors. You can choose which category you fit in, but one thing stays the same - you’re a master in your field. They’re one of the most professional of all online tutoring jobs, and if you want to show how you shine, make sure to apply!

Most Popular Online Tutoring Subjects

The number of subjects you could teach is literally endless. Some of the main include:

  • Math
  • Physics
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Programing
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Psychology

And this is just to name a few! There are different levels to all classes, and for you, as a tutor, that means more opportunities for work! 

The best part is, you don’t even need a degree to teach any of these. If you love a particular subject and you believe you can explain it in a concise and simple way, nothing is stopping you from doing so. Arm yourself with patience and get teaching!


Wrapping your head around tutoring online jobs has never been easier. You don’t need to have a specific education, prior experience, or expensive equipment. All you need is love for the subject you’ll teach and persistence when things get a bit stale. 

By following the simple steps we mentioned in this article, you’ll not only build a successful career, but you’ll begin to help others reach their educational goals! They really do need you.

To sum up, decide what to teach, think about who your audience will be, be active online by exploring different career opportunities, and slowly build your online classroom. Once you do, don’t stop growing! Whenever you feel ready for more, do more - teach new classes, work with different students, and develop your own unique approach to teaching.

There’s no doubt your future students will appreciate you - and all the work you put into helping them grow!